Askja - Kverkfjöll - Vatnajökull

Necessary equipment  Recommended equipment 

Good ankle high water resistant walking boots.
Sturdy with a coarse bottom

Woolen or silk underwear - Base layer Sun protection
Fleece clothing - Mid layer Leg warmers
Soft shell jacket - Outer layer
Walking sticks 
Soft shell pants - Outer layer A good backpack for the walks
Gloves and a hat Water canteen 
Extra jacket Outer layer Extra shoes (other than walking boots) 
High energy food for 3 days Chocolate/energy bars
Sleeping bag  Camera

Provided by Tour Operator: Equipment for glacier walks (Harness gear, lines, crampons, carbines, walking sticks).

It is necessary that customers are prepared and equipped for the tour. The tour guide reserves the right to deny those who are not equipped properly to go on the glacier walk.

Additional information
Sigurdarskáli Mountain Cabin has cooking facilities, drinking water, toilets and showers. Participants do NOT have to carry all their equipment on the walks.

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